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Acrobats on Ice

Astonishing acrobatics and fabulous figure skating are both big audience pleasers. Branson’s newest show, Acrobats on Ice at the White House Theatre, presents the Heilongjiang Ice Acrobatic Team, the first and only of its kind in China. The combination of world-class ice skaters and acrobats into a single production, with colorful lighting, vibrant costumes and beautiful music completes this spectacle of joy and wonder for the Branson 2019 season. This production is a new and exciting variation on traditional acrobatics, as the icy stage requires elements of body and movement control never seen before. Features in this 2 hour extravaganza include extreme skating flips and jumps, ice dancing and synchronized skating, trapeze on ice and in the air, pole jumping, juggling and much-much more. We have found a new way to push the boundaries of an acrobatic performance, just add ICE! For a breathtaking experience, join us at the White House Theatre for the Acrobats on Ice.


"Dead Men Don't Speak Easy" - An Immersive Mystery
Think you know what a Murder Mystery is? Well think again! This isn't your Run-of-the-Mill Murder Mystery Show, this is a Murder Mystery EXPERIENCE! Guests are encouraged to create their own characters as they mingle and interact with the Players and immerse themselves into a world of intrigue, suspense, and a lot of laughs. The action doesn't just take place in front of you, it takes place AROUND you and you're not paying attention you could miss out on some important clues that could help you solve the crime. The choices you make may affect the direction of the story. Part Show. Part Escape Room. Part Improv. All fun!


Enjoy an evening without the kiddos. This is a unique late-night offering in Branson! In the vein of the popular, "Whose Line is it Anyway?". The Branson Comedy Company After Hours Improv Show will entertain and keep you laughing with fun, interactive improv games and skits. No two shows are ever the same! No one under 18 is admitted.
Menu: No menu offered with ticket price. There will be special “restaurant type” appetizers sold through the concession stand at the White House Theatre.

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