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The Story of Mulan

One of China’s most famous legends, The Story of Mulan, well known from the Disney animation film, is the thrilling tale of a beautiful Chinese heroine who goes into battle to save her family. Our cast of more than 40 performers ages 9 to 70, from the beautiful theatrical center of China, Hunan, will be at the White House Theatre for a limited engagement in July and August, 2019. They will be accompanied by a live 8 piece orchestra playing traditional Chinese instruments. This is the perfect way to start your day, an ideal show for children of all ages. Come marvel at our exciting actors, dancers and acrobats. Call 417-365-5555 for reservations.

Nantong Youth Acrobatic Troupe, “Yuyan”

The Nantong Acrobatic Troupe is the only distinguished troupe with the title “Youth Acrobatic” in China. The prestigious troupe was founded in 1957 and for more than 50 years the troupe has adhered to its basic core values of unity, aggressive innovation and hard work. All the performers in the troupe are child prodigy’s and selected for the troupe due to their extreme innate talent. These children are truly the best in the world at they do. The Nantong Youth Acrobatic Troupe has been seen in many countries around the world, such as , Japan, France, Italy, Romania, Hungary and Austria to name a few. It is now our great pleasure to feature this amazing group of young performers on our stage here at the White House Theatre. Don't miss this rare opportunity to see some of the most amazing and talented kids in the world perform “Yuyan”, right here in Branson Missouri.


“Dead Men Don’t Speak Easy” – An Immersive Mystery.

Step back into the 1920’s when Jazz was king and Flappers and Gangsters were the norm… And EVERYONE knows where there’s Gangsters, there’s MURDER! This is a One-Of-A-Kind Immersive Mystery Experience! Guests are encouraged to create their own characters (and dress the part should they desire) as they mingle and interact with the players and immerse themselves into a world of intrigue and suspense. The action doesn’t just take place in front of you it takes place AROUND you and if you’re not paying attention you could miss out on some important clues that could help you solve a crime. Part Show, part Escape Room, part Improv and All FUN!!!!

Branson Comedy Company

An Audience Immersive Dinner Theatre Experience.
What is Immersive Theatre? "It is a presentational or theatrical form or work that breaks the 'fourth wall' that traditionally separates the performer from the audience both physically and verbally." Our work is immersive in nature, not only because we interact with our audiences, but also because we create a physical environment that pulls them into the worlds we create. Whether it's an abandoned military base during the Apocalypse, a high school cafeteria in the 80's, or maybe a good, old-fashioned Murder Mystery in Film Noir, audience members are encouraged to allow themselves to be drawn into the story and participate as much, or as little as they'd like. Everyone's experience will be different as it is dependent on how one chooses to respond. We work, as a team, with our audiences in a symbiotic relationship. Our shows do not work without willing participants, therefore, what one takes away at the end of the night can depend on how much one was willing to give. For our part, we promise to give our Guests 100% and look forward to sharing a fun and interactive evening!

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