Show and Theatre Reviews

“The outstanding performance of the talented cast was constant. What this cast can and did do is so impressive. I didn’t want it to end! How they can move their bodies like that is amazing! The costumes are beautiful. The sales person in the gift shop, the night I was there was very friendly and helpful on some of the products regarding something for outdoors bug bites!! I know one doesn’t usually go to a Branson show to purchase bug repellent, but I did buy some! Haven’t tried it yet as I just went there last night. It’s a shame that more people don’t go see this show. The theater was hardly full/it wasn’t even half full. Of course, it is a big auditorium though. I’m glad I went!”

“Good story,well presented, sumptuous costumes! I am not a dance,broadway show kind of guy, so I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the show! If you are in Branson and need a break from cornpone country, this one’s for you.”

“Just saw the show for the first time!! AMAZING !! Such a mix of a story, dancing, visual artistry, beautiful costumes and amazing music!!! Everyone will love something about this show!!! We need more shows like this in Branson!!!”

“Took my granddaughter we both really enjoyed it.”